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34333 - Date Night Chastity Tease (Custom)

It's date night! I got all dressed up in my tiniest black dress and I can't wait to go out with a REAL man. That isn't you, obviously. You're a cuck! You stay home and do chores while I go out with him. But that's not all! You're going to be locked in chastity all night too, which means no pleasure for you whatsoever. The pleasure is reserved for us! I'm going to tease and deny you before my date, then explain your plans for the evening: chores, chastity, and eventually a locked kennel in the basement. Poor cuck! If only you were a REAL man. Then you would get to have all the fun... but you're not.


137710 - You only a betabitch

A betabitch like you can never give a true alpha-man the water. Solely the imagination will stay with you, and even that will always remain a wishful thinking of you.So what are you good for? To pay and cumshot on command, that's the only thing what you can do loser


5001 - Popper Sniff Cuck Slut

Your wife comes home after staying out all night, again! She isn't even trying to hide it anymore, and she's seen your search history. "BBC Cuck Hotwife" isn't exactly subtle. She knows you're getting off on her extramarital escapades as much as she is and now she wants to turn you into her sniffing cuck and personal fluffer for her lovers. Are you ready to take cock for your cheating wife, slut? Hotwife / Cuckolding / Cuckoldry / Cheating Wife / Boot Fetish / Thigh High Boots / Slut Wife / Big Tits / BBW / Femdom / Goddess / Bra / Teasing / Sniffing / Smelling / Tease and Denial / Confessions