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34333 - Date Night Chastity Tease (Custom)

It's date night! I got all dressed up in my tiniest black dress and I can't wait to go out with a REAL man. That isn't you, obviously. You're a cuck! You stay home and do chores while I go out with him. But that's not all! You're going to be locked in chastity all night too, which means no pleasure for you whatsoever. The pleasure is reserved for us! I'm going to tease and deny you before my date, then explain your plans for the evening: chores, chastity, and eventually a locked kennel in the basement. Poor cuck! If only you were a REAL man. Then you would get to have all the fun... but you're not.


132240 - Fucking My Cuck in Boyfriend's Absence

Ugh, this is just no good. My boyfriend, Brad, has to work late at his job, so he will be 4 hours late. I was really looking forward to fucking him a lot sooner. I'm so horny and frustrated. I call in my cuck as backup.Of course, my cuck is locked in strict chastity so I won't be fucking him. Instead, he is affixed with a nice, long strap-on that will service me in place of Brad's dick. Kitten is really dejected because he would love the chance to fuck me. Unfortunately for him, this is the closest he could ever hope to get.I sit on his face and suck on the strap-on, ordering Kitten to make moaning noises as if he could feel the pleasure. He plays along, distraught, and moans pathetically into my pussy until I've lubed the strap-on up enough to fuck with my wet pussy.I ride it and order Kitten to thrust into me like Brad does. He is just awful at sex but at least the strap-on is serviceable. He makes desperate attempts to please me while his penis and sexual urges go completely ignored.Next I make him fuck me from behind. It's hilarious how he spanks me and meekly tries to play dominant. Call me step-daddy he whimpers. Lol, as if. Finally, I make him fuck me until I cum while lying on my back. I have a really satisfying orgasm which Kitten is ordered to clean up with his tongue. Then, I get a call from Brad. He got out of having to work late and is on his way now! Lucky me!