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27475 - Blackmail-fantasy, cuckolded and homewrecked

I know you don't want to give me your personal information but ... I know a way to make you talk: tease you with my cleavage and spit in your face! There's nothing you wouldn't do for me, especially after I tease and taunt you with my curves and sensual power. I want to take you deeper then ever before, deeper in blackmail-fantasy, deeper in subspace! One spit in your face and you give me your woman infos. My breasts into your face and you give me your boss infos! You don't have much choice now that I control your manhood. Each and every time I torment you, you NEED to give me more infos. The humiliation of being so addicted is making you throb so hard! The idea that your woman can find out where you spend the money, the fact that I would lure your boss and fuck him while we would both laugh in your face!