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184036 - Goddess Kiffa and Mr Pine - Sexy Office female worker dominates and Friendzone loser (EP 2) - FOOT WORSHIP - FINDOM - CUCKOLD - SHOE WORSHIP

(EP 2)Kiffa is an office worker that is mean, and sexy, mean and spoiled. And there is a loser that likes her, and he is a foot pervert fetish guy. Of course she just uses him, she never would bond or fuck with a beta loser like him. So, she friendzoned him and he keeps doing everything for her, buying her stuff, doing her work,getting his bonus, etc. Kiffa has so much work to do! She hopes that the loser arrives soon to do all her work! She uses a sexy high heels to mesmerize even more the stupid loser. The loser was late because he was buying a gift for his coworker! He bought earrings only to find out he will use them with her new boyfriend! She even sends a pic for him! She asked her good friend to clean her shoes! With his tongue, like a good loser he is, and all while she calls her friends, to tell about one of her new boyfriends and talk about how big his new bf cock is, etc how good and hard he fucks her. Kiffa will get a promotion after all the hard work made from her loser friendzoned colleague! And the loser discovered that the taste from her feet was not lotion, but the cum from one of her boyfriends on her feet! She made a footjob on him because her pussy was sore!


183837 - Cuckold Eating 10 Condoms With Cum From the Queen's Lovers by Bruna # 1080HD

Bruna prepares revenge for her boyfriend who had cheated on herShe collected 10 cum-filled condoms used with her loversShe blindfolded her boyfriend so he wouldn't get what he wasThen she started to pour one by one, spilling all the cum in the slave's mouth, she ordered him to swallow it all and still thanks the end she put all the condoms in the slave's mouth and ordered him to chew, the slave was completely humiliated, this video was filmed from two angles for better viewingVery ridiculous this loser swallowed the cum of 10 males and still had to thank