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160252 - Clean my cheeks after my tinder date

Isn't the first time that i come to home too late, relax jealousy isn't convenient for you, little bitch, yes i said BITCH, you know that i'm cheating on you long time ago so now don't pretend feel scammed by the homewrecker, is the risk of having a trofy bride. The only one reason for you asking me minute by minute every detail about what i did with a men better than you, is cause, your dick get so hard between your pants only thinking on that, yes, i know it, the last time you smell another men cum from my mini skirt you masturbated while i sleptt, then, do you want the divorce? You're happy being a fucking cuck. So... The only one thing that you can do for yourself in this moment is open your mouth to eat, as a good wife, the dinner will be served...