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188443 - HOW my LOVER will punish you! Degraded to CUCKOLD and humiliated !

What the hell should I do with ya?! You serve me lately and at the beginning I were quite satisfied but since few time I'm not happy with you any more. You're not focused at all giving me sassy answers and manage your tasks desultorily which is a no go! Slavebitches gotta get punished to make them work well again and my lover will mess you bastard up right now. I told you a lot about him already; how attractive he is and how good he fucks and now you'll meet him in person soon. On our first threesome date he makes clear where your place is and you have to spoil his sweaty male feet - no matter how gross this is to ya and if you hesitate he slaps you immdiately. We tie you up, kick you and laugh when you cry like a girl cause this won't help you at all - we own you from now on! My boyfriend enjoys breaking your will and punish you even harder if you don't live to his standards. You'll serve us 24/7 as our butler, cleaner, footslave and paypiggie and eat our leftovers - this is what you deserve sucker!