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34333 - Date Night Chastity Tease (Custom)

It's date night! I got all dressed up in my tiniest black dress and I can't wait to go out with a REAL man. That isn't you, obviously. You're a cuck! You stay home and do chores while I go out with him. But that's not all! You're going to be locked in chastity all night too, which means no pleasure for you whatsoever. The pleasure is reserved for us! I'm going to tease and deny you before my date, then explain your plans for the evening: chores, chastity, and eventually a locked kennel in the basement. Poor cuck! If only you were a REAL man. Then you would get to have all the fun... but you're not.


34090 - Vacation Wallet

Did you hear the awesome news? My husband and I are going on vacation in a week. It is a much needed getaway and we plan to live like kings and queens. We do this because we spend YOUR money! That's right... you are an object we use... an "it". I think of you as a human wallet and you are there to dispense cash as needed. It is especially humiliating because you not only send to me but you send to another man too. He's better than you! He gets the girl and you GET THE BILL. One week and counting...


33933 - All The Reasons He's Better Than You

You are a weak, submissive cuck and he's a superior Alpha male. Of course he's better than you! This clip includes several reasons why that is and is sure to leave you feeling even more submissive than you already are. You just get weaker and weaker, don't you cuck? Especially seeing me in that hot black miniskirt and listening to me emasculate you. You crave my humiliation and denial! And most of all, you NEED to serve. You realize we are only going to use you for money right? Good! This clip will have you handing it over in no time.