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199620 - No Nut November - Abstinence vs. Passion (German)

While you've been diligently practicing abstinence, successfully maintaining your resolve for an entire week, I've been enjoying some sizzling moments with my partner. Draped in seductive lingerie, tantalizingly attired, I couldn't resist the temptation to playfully taunt you, casting doubt upon your unwavering willpower. I relish the thrill of watching you squirm in your predicament.I've conjured a vivid mental tableau in your mind, one that won't allow you to forget the passionate encounters my partner and I are savoring. It's a rather unfortunate position you find yourself in, as my teasing only intensifies the pulsating desires within you. It appears you'll have to endure a prolonged wait for any form of gratification. Are you truly confident in your ability to remain resolute?


137710 - You only a betabitch

A betabitch like you can never give a true alpha-man the water. Solely the imagination will stay with you, and even that will always remain a wishful thinking of you.So what are you good for? To pay and cumshot on command, that's the only thing what you can do loser