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34004 - Goodnight Cucky

You're tucked up in bed and I've just got home from a great night out. Let me tell you all about it cuck. Every detail about how I enjoyed getting laid exactly how I like it. Which is something you've never been able to manage.But that's okay! That's why we don't fuck and you're a cuck. You know that my pleasure and my satisfaction is prime and you're happy for me to fuck who I want.Are you getting all horny listening to this storytime my cucky? I might let you jerk off under your bed-sheets and give you permission to cum.**Enjoy this POV, roleplay style cuckhold bedtime story. Fantasize yourself in the position of my devoted, submissive and always caring partner who I have cucked. Contains very light verbal humiliation in reference to penis size comparison, jerk off instructions and orgasm control.**