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200210 - Lick the Alpha Sperm!

Hey whore, here I have just the thing for your cum mouth. My alpha has sprayed the cream on my horny leather boots, your meal is ready to lick up. You will lick every drop clean with your slave tongue. I want to see my boots shiny polished, without a forgotten drop. While you lick, I will humiliate you and motivate you to be a cum whore forever. So humiliating and at the same time so horny to get such a meal for your slave mouth. Everything you are allowed to lick from me is an honour for you. I will enjoy myself nicely while you lick everything up with your tongue, laughing at you nicely. You know now what you are and what you get in scraps, that's all you're worth. Now look at what you get delicious for your ugly slave mouth.


171984 - The Cucki Starter Package

Since both of them want to see the goddess and her lover playing love games, both of them got the Cucki Starter Package which I offer. Both of them accepted with joy what I gave them. And maybe if they deserve it hard, they can watch this horny divine act.


114394 - Cum leftovers - today you’ll eat!

To make a long story short: Go down on your knees and see what I got for you. Because you’re not only my cucki, but also my cum dumpster. That shouldn’t be a problem for someone like you who swallows everything. There are more than just one or two filled condoms waiting for you. Your lady has three filled condoms with tasty strangers’ sperm for you. The hot, precious strange sperm makes you horny and willing to swallow. This slave food contains lots of important proteins for your dog brain. You get humiliated and laughed down by me. You’ll lick the bowl clean and swallow all the strange cum. Lick it clean and then go back to your basket. Little cuckolds like you need such a swallow training. You miserable little loser will get more fresh cum leftovers in the future.