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148162 - Cuckold waste bins

You know just how to behave as a cuckold slave don't you? You also know which tasks you have to fulfill as a cuckold? Do you realize that you have to serve as a waste bin for me and my lover? Because you're going to! You'll suck the cum out of the condom and swallow everything you're given. You will also pay a cuckold tax. That means you not only get the cum but, you dirty loser, you will pay for it too. You are nothing but a dirty cuckold slave for me and my lover. You will watch this video every day from now on. You are only allowed to touch your dick while watching this video. I want to fuck with your slave brain and reprogram it so that you completely internalize your role as a cuckold waste bin!


147143 - Cuckold Cum Eater

Hey, my little gay cunt. In this video you'll learn what it means to eat our fuck leftovers. A condom filled with cum I'll let you drink from you my little submissive Cucki! You stupid little cunt will open your mouth wide and swallow everything completely! If you don't do it well, I will press a mouth spreader in your face and give you PPP to inhale. Then you get the protein shake to drink. You will swallow everything and your ugly body will be cleaned from the inside. I will look deep into your eyes my little gay slave! Our used condoms will be a new basic food for you pathetic creature!


145071 - Cuckold Cum

Hey cuckold cunt. Do you need a delicious protein shake? A load of warm sperm? You are right with me. You will lick my husband's warm juice from my divine feet and swallow it all down!