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Ready to explore your submissive side? This erotic audio will condition you to be the perfect cuckold and teach you to take pleasure in serving a Superior Couple. You will be conditioned to embrace your role as a devoted servant, finding bliss in the denial of your own desires and cherishing the pleasure of your Mistress and her husband. In this journey of submission, your purpose is clear - to please men and never women. Your existence will find meaning in financial reimbursement and the amusement of a Superior couple. You will learn that wearing what Mistress decides is the ultimate act of submission. You will be willing to endure any pain and humiliation for the honor of serving your Mistress. Serving Mistress and her husband is not just a duty, it's an honor. Learning that your pleasure comes from their pleasure is the ultimate privilege.


4325 - Cuckoldress brings home Alpha Male to meet Her cuck husband

Goddess Lilith has just come home from a hot date to find her pathetic cuck husband waiting for Her on his knees, as always. What her poor hubby doesn't realize, however, is that this time She has brought Her Alpha Male date home with Her! How humiliating for this poor cuck, to be laughed at by both his Wife and Her hot new Man!! Lucky for him, his fun is just beginning, as Goddess soon orders him to crawl into the cage underneath Her bed so Her hubby can listen to Her fuck Her new Alpha Male all night long!!